Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here Come the Holidays!

It's getting to be holiday time here at Zelda headquarters! For the most part, this means lots of runs to the post office mailing off magazines, and attempting on some level to decorate for the season...the above photo is actually from a couple of winters ago at a marvelous holiday sale here in NYC...if you're in the NYC area after December 10th, stop by 141 E 13th St on the 2nd floor in the East Village and you'll find a trove of vintage holiday ornaments and decor to shop as seen above! Look for 'Dullsville' on the buzzer!

Some of my finds from last year:

I hope everyone has been able to check out Zelda's holiday shopping guide on our website (! We have such an amazing array of sponsors for our current issue, and it's a great shopping resource for this time of year! If you want to support Zelda, please pass that support on to our wonderful sponsors who make Zelda possible!

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  1. First blog follower here...In Like Flynn...... Happy Christmas to to you all (and to all my readers!).