Friday, December 10, 2010

Notorious & Notable

It's getting tragically chilly here in NYC, but despite that, I'm happy to say I braved the cold to head up to the Museum of the City of New York this week to check out their "Notorious & Notable : 20th Century Women of Style" exhibit. (We were also very lucky to get a tour of some gorgeous 20s items in the museum's costume collection behind the scenes with curator Phyllis Magidson.)

I'd really recommend this exhibit to visitors (or NYCers!)...the above gown by Paul Poiret was worn by Isadora Duncan; and the gorgeous calla cuff from the 20s was worn by Fanny Hurst. I was really awestruck with the jewelry in this show...I think Diana Vreeland's articulated fish cigarette lighter was one of my favorite (although not blingiest) pieces...I think jewelry can be even more telling than the clothing because its such a deliberate, singular, and usually pricey purchase. A lot of thought goes into that choice, and its so individual.

The entire exhibit is hosted in one large room, but the individual pieces make it worth the trip up to 103rd street. I loved seeing that Anita Loos was wearing Balenciaga later in life, and there's a truly gorgeous striptease ensemble worn by Gypsy Rose Lee...okay, I'll stop ruining the surprise. Just see it!

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